Meet the Team

We are committed to employing and developing high quality, experienced and qualified staff. We invest in regular training and development for all of our team and actively encourage each of them to continue to learn about children and how best to support them. We want our staff to be confident and competent in understanding child development and by ensuring that they keep their ideas fresh and exciting we know we are providing the best experience for you and your child. If you would like to meet our wonderful staff, we'd love you to visit us at the nursery. Just make a quick call to book an appointment so we can make sure someone is free to spend some time with you. 

Oasis Hospital

The first hospital in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Oasis has always been recognised as one of the leading hospitals in the UAE for mother and baby care. Their pediatric doctors are among the best in Al Ain: all of them are HAAD certified, many are also European or American Board Certified.

Oasis provides medical check-ups and an on call doctor for Headstart. All of the care offered is based on HAAD, WHO, UK and USA best practice guidelines. In the last year, Oasis has carried out Polio vaccinations as part of the National Polio Campaign, Early Years Health Screenings, Vision and Hearing Screenings, a BMI and Health and Wellness program for our mums and training in First Aid and Infection Control for our staff. 





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